Zabbix Free Customer Server Monitoring

Zabbix is a modern network monitoring and alerting tool that provides an administrator with the ability to create events for changes in the status of services such as DNS or HTTP, as well as local events like a disk failure.

There are a lot of monitoring tools and frameworks out there. Some are expensive (such as HP OpenView) some are free (such Nagios). All of them have a niche to fill. Zenoss looks pretty. Nagios is well supported and highly extensible. Up.time and WhatsUp Gold are easy to get going. They’ve all got their thing.

Which leads to the following question.

Why Choose Zabbix

There are many reasons to choose the Zabbix solution over its competitors. The best way to make sure it is the #1 choice for your organization is to give it a try. Before you start though, consider the following benefits of using Zabbix:

  • Zabbix offers the freedom of using an open-source solution with no vendor lock-in and freely accessible source code. This includes not only Zabbix itself, but also required components (Linux, Apache, MySQL/PostgreSQL, PHP)
  • Zabbix setup and configuration is quite easy ensuring a low learning curve and therefore low cost of ownership
  • Highly efficient Zabbix agents for UNIX and Windows (x32, x64, Itanium) based platforms provide wider monitoring capabilities with greater speed
  • A centralized monitoring system allows to store all information (configuration and performance data) in a relational database for easier processing and re-use of data
  • Rich visualization capabilities allow to work with your data faster and smarter
  • Built-in housekeeping procedures allow to keep your data well organized

There is so much useful information on Zabbix, if you are truly interested I suggest visiting their website. Click here to be taken to Zabbix’s website. 


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Https not so secure? Heartbleed explained

Open SSL Bug : Heartbleed Bug

Open SSL Bug Explained :


Authentication can be based on several things, the more layers the better:

Something you ARE : biometrics such as fingerprints or retina recognition

Something you KNOW : the password you type into a login page

Something you HAVE : cell phone will get confirmation codes texted or generated from an app


What should you do ?

1. Reset your browser to defaults

2. Change your password on websites often

3. Use very long passwords that you can’t remember – If you can remember it, someone can steal it

LastPass has 2 form factor authentication :

4. Advanced : Enable 2 step authentication – Requires something you have







Message bounced due to sending limit

Message bounced due to sending limit

Are you a Google Apps customer? Find out more about Google Apps sending limits.

In an effort to fight spam and prevent abuse, Google will temporarily disable your account if you send messages to more than 500 recipients or if you send a large number of undeliverable messages. If you use a POP or IMAP client (Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail, e.g.), you may only send a message to 100 people at a time. Your account should be re-enabled within 24 hours.

If you communicate with the same group of people on a regular basis, you might be interested in Google Groups.

If you send a large number of undeliverable messages, we suggest verifying your contacts’ email addresses. It’s also important that everyone you are sending mail to is willing to receive it.

Learn more about best practices for sending a large amount of mail through Gmail.

Circumvent limitations by utilizing Webmail or Trinet’s IP space


<100 = Gmail SMTP
<500 = Gmail web interface
<1000 = SMTP server
>1000 = Tri-net SMTP
   - Need to be on our IP space
>1000 = dedicated SMTP
>1000 = Google Groups or Constant Contact
   - Doesn’t have your domain reply
 100 recipients at a time
For more information about LavaNet, Tri-net, and AlohaTone services including Google Docs gives us a call at LavaNet support 808.545.LAVA (5282) or send us a email at
Until next time Mahalo from everyone here at LavaNet support… users, print straight from Google doc’s with FedEx Office® Print & Go users, print straight from Google doc’s and save time and money.

Each customer can utilize services like FedEx Office Print & Go which makes it simple and convenient to turn digital files into a printed document without a computer. Learn how easy it is to turn digital files into printed pieces from your Android smartphone or Apple device. FedEx Office Print & Go, will save valuable time on your printing needs so you can get back to business.  Also save money by not having a printer in your home or office. Think about it, no printer to consume toner, electricity or valuable desk space. customers save even more by using Google Docs to create a document, spread sheet, or diagram. Not using Google Docs? Not sure how to purchase Google Docs for yourself or your office or family? Not to worry, give LavaNet a call. We will be happy to explain your options and find the right Google Docs plan for you. Whether you are considering using Google Docs for personal use, for a business, or in an educational facility setting Lavanet a call at 808-545-5282 for more information.

The FedEx Office mobile app allows you to seamlessly print your documents to any FedEx Office location or have it delivered at your convenience. Upload a file for printing from Box, Dropbox, or Google Drive, or from your local device and email. You can also track the status of a FedEx shipment or a FedEx Office print order, or find a FedEx Office location at your fingertips.

Standard file types: .pdf, .doc, .ppt, .xls, .rtf, and .txt. and more.

With the app, you can:

- Print to more than 1,800 FedEx Office locations, or have the order shipped to you
- Choose your own print and finishing options
- Print via Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, or your local device and email
- Find your nearest FedEx Office Location
- Track the status of a FedEx® shipment or FedEx Office job order

Ready to get started? Simple click on the image below and you will be redirected to another page where you can download the FedEx app for Android or Apple device.


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Ditch your fax machine! Fax straight from Google Doc’s account

Click link to be taken to sign up page

Ditch your fax machine! Fax straight from Google Doc’s account


Even if you can’t get rid of faxes, you can get rid of your fax machine!

By removing paper from the process, HelloFax has removed your need to own a fax machine. With HelloFax, everyone in your company can conveniently send and receive faxes online. There’s no more time spent waiting by a fax machine for a fax to arrive or for confirmation that it was sent. Instead, incoming faxes go directly to the recipient’s inbox and outgoing faxes are sent online, all from your computer. No fax machine needed!


Best of all, there’s nothing someone sending you a fax needs to do differently! Your customers can still send faxes to the same number the same way they always have been. You can transfer your number to us and start receiving faxes electronically without any downtime or risk of losing any faxes.

Fast and easy to sign up simple click on the image above and you will be redirect to the sign in page.


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When enough really Isn’t enough

Bandwidth and speed are usually the first things that come to mind when talking about your Internet connection.  A residential usage DSL or Cable will fit the bill for most. Not so for businesses that rely on their Internet connection to connect with their customers.  The importance of having a stable and reliable connection can make the difference between  thousands of dollars gained or  lost.  A question a lot of businesses fail to ask themselves is, “If our Internet connection went down for an extended period of time how much money would we lose?”  That amount could range between hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars.  The truth is, most of us never worry about it until we are actually faced with the loss of our Internet connection. 

DSL , Cable and even Ethernet are very popular means of providing Internet access based on cost, reasonable reliability, availability and ease of use.  However, when need outweighs cost, reasonable reliability isn’t enough.  Tri-net Solutions’ T1 private networking services is designed to fit the needs of businesses whose main priority is focused on reliability, low latency, dependable steady bandwidth, and the ability to see and track network usage.

There is only one Technology that provides a Service Level Agreement and a 99.999% guaranteed up time, known as  a T-carrier 1, a digital transmission line or simply a T1 line. T1′s can be purchased through  any major ISP or through the local phone company.  However Tri-net Solutions’ support, service and capabilities are unmatched.  Tri-net Solutions can design and implement a private network, custom built  to meet business needs using our T1 service.

For more information or to set up a free consultation please call the number below and one of our friendly and helpful staff members will assist you.

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Fighting Spam



In an effort to stop spam which slows down delivery of legitimate email to domains such as, has enabled outgoing limits on

Outgoing emails are limited to 125 emails per 3 hours, no size or other limitations have been applied.

If those limits are too strict you have several options:

1. If you are a DSL or T1 customer you can use with no limitations. is a set of servers which can handle any load.

2. You can move to the gmail outgoing SMTP server (requires authentication).

port 465 (SSL)

3. We can put up a dedicated SMTP relay for you, please email for details. Dedicated postfix servers can show you over time how many emails you send and when.

postfix_cacti Out Going Mail Settings


Unfortunately more and more user accounts are getting compromised and sending spam off our SMTP Server :

Because of the recent increase of spam – has been listed on several black list slowing down legitimate mail. While we work on getting our server delisted, you do have options:

What can you do?

We highly recommend using our webmail client exclusively ( .

If that is not an option and you must use an email client, please change your settings to :

IMAP: For Incoming
port 993 (SSL)

SMTP: For Outgoing
port 465 (SSL)


If you have a copy machine that scans and emails out a copy and you were using as the relay, you can simply change it to and it will send out without authentication. You will have to be on the / Tri-net Solutions IP space (DSL , T1 or Ethernet Customers).


Thank you for your business.



Welcome to The New Home of Tri-net, Aloha Tone, and LavaNet


Welcome to the new home of Tri-net Solutions and its sister companies, Aloha Tone and LavaNet, where, in the near future, you will be able to keep up to date with all the activities related to new technologies being offered.

Here you will be able to locate the right services and products to meet your business and personal needs, whether it’s faster Internet speed, more bandwidth, or a fully capable, feature rich VOIP system. This will be the one-stop shop for everyone. Please continue to visit this page as new information will be available soon.

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